QC open for applications 2014-15


Queen’s Counsel Appointments 2014-15

I am writing to you as an office holder or representative of an association for advocates or legal practitioners, or someone else within the legal profession who may find it helpful to be informed about the appointment of Silk.


The Queen’s Counsel Selection Panel has today (4 March) launched this year’s competition for appointment as Queen’s Counsel. The application form and Guidance for Applicants may now be downloaded from the QCA website at


The closing date for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 15 April 2014.  This is a strict deadline and applications after that date and time will not be accepted.  On current expectations the outcome of the applications is likely to be announced in the early part of 2015.


The scheme is entirely self-financing. To cover the costs of the process, applicants have to pay an application fee of £1,800 (£2,160 including VAT).  There will be a further appointment fee of £3,000 (+ VAT) paid by successful applicants only.


The Panel welcomes applications from groups that are under-represented in Silk including women, members of ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.  We also welcome applications from solicitor advocates and employed advocates.


The Panel would like to reach as many potential applicants as possible.  Please feel free therefore to forward this email to all members of your association.  If this email is not for you (or in future should be directed to a different person in your organisation) please let us know so that we can update our circulation list.


The Secretariat is happy to answer any queries or provide advice on the process or on making an application.  If any of your members require further information please ask them to ring 020 7831 0020 or send an email to


Bob Gillies

Operations Manager

March 2014

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