The ARDL Committee marks the retiral of former Chair Tim Dutton QC with a farewell dinner

The ARDL Committee marks the retiral of former Chair Tim Dutton QC with a farewell dinner


Left to Right: Catriona Watt, newly elected Chair of ARDL; Timothy Dutton QC, retiring Chair of ARDL with his wife, Sappho Dias; and Kenneth Hamer, ex officio Committee member and Editor of  the  ARDL Quarterly Bulletin

ARDL committee members past and present turned out in their best bib and tucker recently to say a fond farewell to retiring ARDL Chair Timothy Dutton QC, at a dinner held in his honour at the Carlton Club, London.  The dinner was arranged by another long-standing ARDL Committee member, Kenneth Hamer, and Kenneth led the tributes to Tim with a wonderfully witty and entertaining speech which noted the major achievements of Tim’s tenure.

Tim led ARDL from 2009 and had been among its founding members.  At Fountain Court Chambers his work encompassed the most complex commercial cases and included, among much else, a substantial professional regulation practice which crossed the disciplines of financial, legal and health care. Tim had also served as Head of his chambers where he had championed some key developments and he had also been Chair of the Bar Council.    As one of the most sought after QCs in his area and with all of this management experience, Tim brought a huge breadth and depth to the role of Chair of ARDL.

Tim’s leadership saw ARDL make detailed submissions to the Law Commission on Healthcare Regulation, to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills on ADR for consumers and to the AADB on its Indicative Sanctions Guidance.  He was also instrumental in the submissions made to the Queen’s Counsel Appointments on the inclusion of advocacy experience of barristers in the non-court settings of disciplinary tribunals in their applications for appointment to QC in England and Wales.


As well as this, Tim took the role of the fostering of education among the ARDL membership in this specialist field of the law very seriously and oversaw an expansion of the seminar programme, which now builds year on year.  As was only natural for someone committed to equality and diversity in the legal profession, Tim ensured that the seminar programme went beyond the metropolis of London and reached Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland.  Tim contributed personally to the seminar programme, delivering a masterful exposition of the law on confidentiality, one of our most popular seminars and one which was reproduced in the ARDL Quarterly Bulletin, so that it could be shared with a wider audience.


The present Committee and the ARDL membership will miss Tim’s leadership and wish him and his family well for the future. As Kenneth said at the end of his speech: “We, your Committee, are honoured that you, Sappho and your daughter Pia have joined us tonight for this retiral dinner. We thank you for your chairmanship, your leadership and the inspiration you have given to this Association. We salute you and thank you.”

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