Junior ARDL Seminar Report

Junior ARDL Seminar Report 

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The Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (‘ARDL’) was proud to host its inaugural Junior ARDL event on 3 November 2015. The sell-out seminar entitled ‘Tips for Tribunal Advocacy’ was hosted by 23 Essex Street Chambers  and boasted a panel of experienced speakers in the field of professional regulation. Martin Forde QC enlightened delegates with tips in relation to handling experts, the admissibility of evidence, panel members and legal assessors. Geoffrey Williams QC, who qualified initially as a solicitor and became Silk in 2003 focused his talk on tips on prosecuting for regulatory bodies, including in particular the need for thorough preparation.  In contrast, Gregory Treverton-Jones QC’s tips were given from a defence perspective which included the need to gain and retain the credibility of a registrant witness. Simon Tinkler, a solicitor and SDT panel member, gave a helpful insight as to some ‘do’s and don’t’s’ from a panel member’s perspective. Simon highlighted the importance of knowing the relevant rules and being punctual as well as respectful and fair. The seminar was chaired by Vikram Sachdeva QC who also provided a number of helpful advocacy tips, including an advocates approach, document management and the importance of exercising common sense!


The feedback from the seminar was very good and suggestions will be followed up.  There will be regular Junior ARDL events throughout the year.

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