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“Blowing the whistle on professional regulation: discipline, policy and the challenge of relevance in 2017”

The IFoA is pleased to announce the launch of  our  “Professionalism Lecture Series 2017”  which comprises a series of events over the course of the year.

Our programme is  designed to promote debate around the importance of professionalism, and the role of professionals, including actuaries and others, across the financial services industry.   The programme comprises a number of events around the world with the first taking place in Gibraltar on 31st January followed by events in Singapore and Malaysia in February.

Our first UK based event will take place at Staple Inn Hall, London  on 2 March, 2017.  It will be delivered by Ben Kemp (IFoA General Counsel) in association with Edinburgh Law Seminars and it is tailored to be of relevance and importance to all professionals.  Full details are available from the link below.

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