New ARDL Committee following 2017 AGM

The Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers has a new committee following the Annual General Meeting on 19th April 2017. Five new committee members were elected at the AGM. At the first committee meeting following the AGM, the office bearers were elected, three new members were co-opted and two ex officio appointments were made.

The committee members elected at the AGM were Richard Coleman QC, Hannah Eales, Joanne Harrison, Iain Miller and Paul Ozin QC.

The elected office bearers are Catriona Watt – Chair; Iain Miller – Vice-chair; Nick Leale – Treasurer; Hannah Eales – Secretary.

Nick Leale, Vikram Sachdeva QC and Rachel Birks were co-opted onto the committee. Ex officio members are Kenneth Hamer and Leigh Linton.

The committee is also assisted by Paul Ozin QC as Chair of the Seminar Sub-committee, Joanne Harrison as the Chair of Junior ARDL, John Lucarotti as Membership Liaison and Kenneth Hamer and Nicole Curtis as ARDL Bulletin Editors.

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