We are looking for a trainee solicitor to join our firm. Our preference would be one who has their LPC qualification.

Our firm was set up over 25 years .  We have a number of “seats” but subject to compliance with the Law Society requirements we have need of someone who will work in our niche regulation [ specifically medical] and health law under the senior litigation partner Paul Grant. We are mainly defence lawyers working in the main medical regulatory bodies to include the GMC/GDC and HCPC as well as the non-statutory bodies.  They will be thoroughly trained and expected to handle files  after suitable training but under supervision and assisting the two litigation partners in this area of work and other areas of litigation to include property and commercial  litigation. If the candidate works out well there will be an ongoing position for them in this department after qualification as a solicitor. Salary commensurate with  current levels

Our office located in North West  London [ Finchley Central]  is now open and the candidate would be expected mainly for training and supervision purposes subject to ongoing Government legislation to attend our offices daily. Standard PPE equipment is available  and distancing is observed within the office

Please contact Paul Grant in the first place sending your cv and contact details. His email is

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