About ARDL

ARDL was established in 2002 in response to the rapid growth in the regulation of businesses and professions of all kinds. It is open to all those that work in regulatory and disciplinary law. ARDL provides a forum for those interested in regulatory and disciplinary law to meet and network with others practising in the same area and to learn more about developments in this field of the law.



Building networks and careers in regulatory law

Regulatory and disciplinary law is an emerging specialist area of law. ARDL exists to allow those who work in this field to meet and learn from others with the same specialism. ARDL also has a number of programmes for those at the beginning of their career to develop their knowledge and build their network of contacts.

ARDL committee members

ARDL is run by a committee consisting of elected and co-opted members with diverse professional regulatory and disciplinary practices.

ARDL Ambassadors

Past Chairs

TimDutton KC CBE

Chair 2011-2015

RogerHenderson QC

Chair 2002-2011

PaulOzin KC

Chair 2020 - 2022

IainMiller Partner

Chair 2018 - 2020


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