Appointment of Investigating/Presenting Officers

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland) seeks invitations to tender from firms of solicitors or stables of advocates for appointment as Investigating/Presenting Officers. 

GTC Scotland is the teaching profession’s independent registration and regulation body.  We work to maintain and enhance trust in teaching.  More information about us, our story, vision and core tasks can be found on our website here About GTC Scotland.  Our Strategic Plan can be found here GTC Scotland Strategic Plan 2023-2028.  

Investigating/Presenting Officers will be required to:

  • fully investigate fitness to teach cases where instructed;
  • present on behalf of GTC Scotland at Full Hearings before Fitness to Teach Panels;
  • act on behalf of GTC Scotland to apply for temporary restriction orders and where necessary present temporary restriction order applications in front of Fitness to Teach Panels;
  • act on behalf of GTC Scotland in respect of proceedings to review a Conditional Registration Order;
  • act on behalf of GTC Scotland at any fitness to teach hearing before a Fitness to Teach Panel including any hearing held in connection with any application for registration made by an individual previously removed from the Register (or refused registration) by a Fitness to Teach Panel (or its historical equivalent, the Disciplinary Sub-committee);
  • where appropriate and as instructed, act for GTC Scotland in any Court of Session appeals, judicial reviews or any other litigation related to regulatory casework;
  • provide GTC Scotland with legal advice on its fitness to teach procedures and in relation to professional regulation in general

Appointment       3 years from the end of February 2024 with the possibility of extension.

Commitment     This will depend on the volume of cases which are referred into the fitness to teach process and the volume of Court of Session work.  GTC Scotland has a small in house team of solicitors and Regulatory Investigations Officers. This team will instruct appointed Investigating/Presenting Officers as required.

The Invitation to Tender Specification document is available on our website here Work with us – The General Teaching Council for Scotland (

The closing date for receipt of applications is 12 noon on Monday 13 November 2023. 

Interviews will be held remotely during the week commencing 15 January 2024.

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