The Dutton Bursary

Applications will open for the Dutton Bursary 2024 on 20 May and close at midnight on 28 June 2024

The Dutton Bursary has been created by ARDL and named after former Chair of ARDL, Timothy Dutton, CBE, KC. Practising from Fountain Court, Tim has been ranked as the Star Individual by Chambers & Partners for Professional Discipline in London.  As well as being a former chairman of ARDL, Tim has served as chairman of the Bar Council, Leader of the South Eastern Circuit and Head of Chambers at Fountain Chambers. Open to aspiring regulatory and disciplinary lawyers or those already embarking on their career, The Dutton Bursary aims to provide opportunities for educational and career development and progression for individuals who might not otherwise be in a position to take up the opportunity.  

Applicants do not need to be a member of ARDL; the only requirement is that applicants are under 5 years PQE/call. Examples of the types of cost that people might apply for assistance with include the fees for the new Solicitors Qualifying Exam,  Bar Training Course or a relevant Master’s degree, or for living expenses to stay away from home during a period of work experience. ARDL will also accept applications for funding for a ticket (£150) and associated travel expenses for attending the ARDL Annual Conference taking place on 8 November 2024 at the Museum of London.  Applications will be accepted annually.

ARDL has a minimum find of £5,000 to distribute by way of the bursary in 2024.  ARDL has discretion as to how many Dutton Bursary awards it makes within a given year and the amount of each award. 

Applications for The Dutton Bursary 2024 open on 20 May 2024 and close at midnight on 28 June 2024.  Entries received outside of this timeframe will not be considered.  Successful recipients of The Dutton Bursary will be notified in writing by no later than Friday 26 July 2024.  Applicants should send their application by way of a word document to ardl@blakemorgan.co.uk.  Emails should have “DUTTON BURSARY APPLICATION 2024” in the subject line.  Applications should include the following information:


Home address


Telephone number 

Current employment/education

The name, email address and telephone number of one referee

Applicants need to answer the following 3 questions within their application:

1. In not more than 500 words: What interests you in a career in regulatory/professional discipline and what are you currently doing to pursue your career? 

2. In no more than 500 words: What vocational course/work experience/other career progression activity do you hope to do/have you already started, that you would like financial assistance with, and how will that  help you in your career?

3. In no more than 500 words:  What difference will obtaining The Dutton Bursary make to your ability to pay the associated costs of the vocational course/work experience/other career progression activity?  What element of the cost are you seeking financial support for? Please provide written confirmation of any offers made, agreed start dates, quoted future costs or receipts for payments already made. Please also confirm whether you are obtaining any other financial assistance in relation to the costs that your application relates to. Please highlight if there is any adversity that you have had to overcome in your career or education to date that you would like ARDL to take into account. Applicants agree when submitting their application that, if successful, ARDL may publish their name and the purpose for which The Dutton Bursary has been granted publicised on ARDL’s website, within the ARDL Bulletin, via an email to ARDL members and on ARDL’s social media.