General Teaching Council for Scotland

Legal Assessors – The General Teaching Council for Scotland, Edinburgh

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTC Scotland), which is the professional regulatory body for registered teachers/lecturers in Scotland, is looking to add to the pool of Legal Assessors. 

The role involves providing independent legal advice to our Fitness to Teach Panels and leading in the decision writing process.  In accordance with our governing legislation, a Legal Assessor must be an advocate or solicitor of not less than 10 years’ standing.

Our Fitness to Teach Panels consider and determine whether a registered teacher/lecturer (or applicant) has fallen short of the expected standards of conduct or competence.

Further information about GTC Scotland is available on our website here.

To note your interest in the role, please email by 5pm on Friday 15 July 2022, outlining what experience you have in professional regulatory law. 

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