High Court and Advocacy Lawyer – Nursing and Midwifery Council

The NMC is recruiting for High Court Advocacy Lawyers within the Professional Regulation directorate on a 12 month fixed term basis.

The High Court and Advocacy Lawyer post holder will be expected to prepare and present good quality High Court Interim Order extension applications covering the UK’s jurisdictions in conjunction with the team’s Paralegals so that the NMC’s applications are lodged in a timely manner and are presented effectively in High Court hearings.

There may also be the opportunity to present cases in accordance with instructions at FtP Committee (FtPC) and Investigating Committee (IC) hearings including Interim Orders (IOs), Substantive Order Reviews (SORs) and Consensual Panel Determinations (CPDs). This will be dependent on availability over time.

For further details and to apply, please click on the below link;

High Court Advocacy Lawyer

Closing date for applications is 04.11.2020

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